If you want to change your life, or start a business – then start a blog


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Start a blog: it is simple as that. If you want to change your life, if you want to start an online business, or if you want to launch a startup – the consistent advice is to start a blog – and get blogging.

If starting an online business start a blog.

Sean Ogle from Location 180 gives the same advice to anybody that asks him what should they do if they want to start a business, and/or become location independent.

You can create an outline of a business plan, buy a domain, start a blog…

And over at Tropical MBA as Sean chats with Dan Andrews the

The #1 piece of advice Sean Ogle has for anyone looking to get in to the ‘making money form your laptop’ lifestyle. – start a blog.

If you are working on founding a Startup – Start a Blog.

I could understand the blogging advice if you wanted to start an online business, but what really surprised me was when reading about lean startups I came across the same advice – start a blog. Now, before this I understood about the many reasons to start a blog, from personal expression, to the potential of blogging for profit, but I sure didn’t think that blogging was a component of building a potential next big thing on the net.

Robert Scoble, who has probably interviewed more founders of startups than anybody else suggests that if you want to launch your startup then put up a blog. Actually, he gives a more detailed list:

1. Make a blog.
2. Make a YouTube video channel.
3. Start Tweeting.
4. Get a Facebook Page.
5. Get a LaunchRock site.
6. List your company on Angel List (and StartupLi.st, CrunchBase, etc).
7. Figure out the 10 journalists you want to have see your product before you launch.

But you can see how it all starts with a blog, and really the first 4 things on the list are versions of a blog.

Ash Maurya, in his book Running Lean suggests that you start your blog well before you ever think of launching. One reason is to find new customers that you can use to test your minimal viable product:

Apart from “personal brand” benefits, blogging is also a great tool for discovering and driving customers to your product. As with the landing page, you need to start as early (and as simply) as possible:

Ash also echoes my ideas of don’t waste time on first writing 20 blog posts just get it launched as he says, “Don’t spend more than five minutes picking a theme.” And he also states that you need to measure your blog, which obviously fits in with build – measure – learn lean startup motto. So you can see that he also believes in treating your blog the same as you would a lean startup internet business.

Rob Fitzpatrick at the startup toolkit tell us that blogging for your business is worth it even if you get no traffic. He says that blogging has made him a better writer, which is an important component of running a business, and he has become a much better marketer.

It covers everything from crafting & distributing a message to understanding analytics, setting up good funnels, running tests, and doing optimisations.

And we all know how important marketing is for any business – no matter how big or small. Rob goes on to tell us about how he feels about blogging and what it can lead to.

Blogging is planting a flag. You’re saying you exist, and you care enough to form and share your thoughts, even if nobody is listening. Soon, the right people start noticing and coming to you — no hustle required. Your traffic graph isn’t going to spike or hockey-stick, and that doesn’t matter one bit if you’re talking to the right people.

Tor Grønsund, another startup founder, argues that blogging has taught him a great deal about startup methods. He repeat the idea mentioned above of just get the blog started:

…forget about that stunning domain name, forget about database design, forget about adding features. Instead, I’d just publish that first post and start collecting feedback.

And he also take the lean startup methods to heart with his blogging:

Launching a “Minimum Viable Blog” did not only enable me to measure visitor, click and subscription metrics. It enabled me to test and validate value propositions with real audiences.

Several of these lean startup entrepreneurs, along with myself, are arguing that the process of writing and building a blog will teach you many of the same elements you need to properly build a lean startup. So if you have any interest in ever forming a startup start blogging now.

Blogging is the great self-help technique and will open many new opportunities and ideas.

By starting a blog you are declaring something. You are stating that you are starting a new journey. It doesn’t matter what that journey is – be it a business, a big time startup, or your personal journey to a goal that is important to you. The important this is starting.

A blog can be a great motivator. You can record and track your progress (part of the learn startup method). This could be losing weight, getting out of debt, or training for a big event like a 10K, or marathon, run.

So if you want to change your life take action and start a blog. I will be presenting a series of posts helping you with this process. But heck you don’t need to wait around for me, get started today. Start brainstorming ideas, and looking for a good domain name. Start writing drafts of blog posts.

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